Parker’s Astrology: The Definitive Guide to Using Astrology in Every Aspect of Your Life by Julia and Derek Parker

Parkers' Astrology

Discovering astrology. As an introduction to astrology, this book is unparalleled. Julia Parker teaches you in easy stages how to calculate a full and detailed birth chart, and explains how to “progress” it so that you can identify future trends in a person’s life. All the information you need interpret a horoscope in depth is provided in this one volume — descriptions of the twelve sun signs; explanations of techniques; guidance on chart interpretations for relationships, marriage, career, leisure, and health; the effects of planetary relationships within a birth chart; and an invaluable and easy-to-follow ephemeris to the year 2012.

Enhancing Understanding. One of the major features of the book are the extracts from Julia’s casebooks, showing precisely how astrology can be used not only to deal with many of the milestones in human affairs, but also to have fun. In addition, this new edition boasts expanded sections on horary astrology and calculating midpoints, harmonics, and the moon’s nodes, allowing readers to evolve more thorough and subtle interpretations of personality and events. There are completely new sections on the influence of the recently discovered asteroid Chiron; the significance of eclipses, comets, and fixed stars; and the technique of location astrology (Astro Carto Graphy).

Wonderfully readable, beautifully illustrated, and packed with information, this is an unbeatable reference guide to astrology.