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Unrecorded in history, there was a grand palace. Emperor LEO was known for his determination and diplomatic ways.

Of his acquaintances, Mongolian SAGITTARIUS was the most outstanding, and they both treated each other with utmost respect.

As if fate willed it, he met VIRGO, the daughter of Leo and the princess loved by all within the palace. The both of them fell in love with each other.

Watching over her was tutor CAPRICORN, who loved her so. Yet she was worried about her dearest friend, who kept so much for her.

TAURUS, a diligent priestess, wanted so much to share with Capricorn, but she had a purpose that could change the fates of many.

Her accomplice, ARIES, was a respected general whose achievements were countless. Yet he had committed crimes, and was plotting something dark.

Involved with him behind the Emperor`s back was concubine CANCER. However there was no love, as Cancer desired Aquarius.

But AQUARIUS was the prince, the son of Leo. Feeling discomfited by the tense air within the palace, he looked in other ways.

Intriguing him was mysterious court musician SCORPIO. She seemed to have a lot in mind, but she never revealed much to anyone.

Except her bosom friend, the court official LIBRA. He was always seeking justice, and thus he tasked himself to investigate Aries.

In the midst of his busyness, he did not notice PISCES, who was saddened by her unrequited love for him, and disturbed by her betrayal to Leo.

Watching from aside was GEMINI. It was never easy to tell whether he was a friend or foe, and he made sure never to take any sides. A dangerous person, he was.