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Erhard Schoen- natal horoscope for Leonhard Reymann-1515


Woodcut by Erhard Schoen (1491-1542), a prolific German draftsman, painter, and printmaker.

The image illustrates a natal horoscope for Leonhard Reymann, 1515. The central image shows the World, surrounded by personifications of the seven planets known to pre-modern astrology. This is surrounded by the twelve signs/constellations of the zodiac, and the outer ring represents the twelve houses.

The image was reproduced in Der astrologische Gedanke in der deutschen Vergangenheit (1926), by Heinz Artur Strauß. The woodcut was later discussed by Carl Gustav Jung, and various writers on Tarot have commented on the similarity between some of the figures used and those of the Tarot trump cards. Schoen was also a cardmaker.