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A Young Astronomer 1685, by Olivier Van Deuren

Olivier Pietersz. van Deuren was born in Rotterdam, where he lived and worked. He served as an officer in the painters’ guild on a number of occasions. Very few works by him are known today.

The young astronomer holds a celestial globe with constellations shown in the form of animals. Among those visible are some of the northern and zodiacal constellations: at the top, Draco; on the left, Ursa Major and, below it, Leo; on the right, beneath the encircling brass ring, Bubuleus. The stand for the globe is on the right, and a quadrant is in the foreground.

The attribution and dating depend on the similarity of this picture with a painting of an astronomer, dated 1685 and signed by van Deuren (New York, Christophe Janet, 1978). The model and globe appear to be the same in both works.