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Edmund-Dulac-Rubaiyat_Tower of Darkness


Alike for those who for To-day prepare,

And those that after a To-morrow stare,

A Muezzín from the Tower of Darkness cries,

“Fools! your Reward is neither Here nor There!”

Edmund Dulac (born Edmond Dulac; October 22, 1882 – May 25, 1953) was a French magazine illustrator, book illustrator and stamp designer. Born in Toulouse he studied law but later turned to the study of art the École des Beaux-Arts. He moved to London early in the 20th century where he received a commission to illustrate Jane Eyre. Later through his association with a gallery and publishing company he sold his painting that became illustrations. During World War I, Dulac produced relief books and when after the war the deluxe children’s book market shrank he turned to magazine illustrations among other ventures. He designed bank notes during World War II and postage stamps, most notably those that heralded the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.