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The Abduction of Ganymede-Porto-1898The Abduction of Ganymede

Fernandes de Sá (1898)

Jardim da Cordoaria, Porto, Portugal

The first work of Fernandes de Sá, “The Abduction of Ganymede,” was born in 1898, an admirable proof of assimilation of the spirit of French art then taught by the Masters Falguière and Puech two vanguard of opposition to the aesthetic revolutionism Rodin.

“It has served me as a model for a beautiful Italian boy Ganymede. I worked for days with all the ardor and all will. Sometimes I forgot to eat and went to lunch at three-four in the afternoon. Ah, but it was worth it! The Abduction of Ganymede, to amazement of my 23 years, was admitted to the Salon (1989), the Universal Exposition in Paris (1900) and Exhibition of the Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon (1902).”