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Prints made by Adriaen Collaert After Marten de Vos (1581)

Title-page; oval cartouche for title in centre with ornamental surround with female personifications of the four temperaments in the corners: Phlegma (holding bow), Sanguis (semi-naked), Melancolia (in a nun’s habit) and Cholera (in armour with a spear); also the four elements between in ovals and circles represented by animals: Aer (chameleon), Aqua (dolphin), Ignis (salamander) and Terra (bear);

Venus; she reclines on a cloud and takes an arrow from Cupid; on earth below a man holds up a hawk perched on his finger besides “Diligentia


Mars; he is wearing armour and surrounded by weaponry and sits on a cloud above; below an armoured warrior holds out his arm besides a woman holding some scales labelled “Discretio”; beyond a battle takes place; plate 5 (ages of man: virility);

The Sun; a male personification with a flaming face, looking downwards and sitting on a cloud with his arms outstretched and holding a sceptre; in the foreground an armoured warrior with a lance stands besides a female spinning; beyond a tournament takes place with jousting and soldiers fighting with swords; plate 4 (ages of man: youth);

The moon and the zodiac sign of Cancer; Luna sits on a crescent moon in the clouds above and she looks down towards Charitas suckling two infants; a hen sits with her chicks nearby; small children run around and play games and others gather around a fire; plate 1 (ages of man: infancy);

Saturn; sitting on a cloud he holds a youth with a scythe between his legs; below a female figure labelled “Conscientia” holds a book and points upwards standing besides an elderly man on a chair; on the ground is a flask, spectacles atop an hour-glass and a fire in a cart; beyond is a church and a monk takes the hand of a crippled figure with no feet; plate 7 (ages of man: old age);

Jupiter; he sits astride an eagle and holds thunder and lightning bolts; below a turbaned figure holding a rod gestures towards a seated woman, labelled “Memoria” besides an urn; beyond a ruler sits on a throne outside of a tent with his soldiers andon a hill beyond a figure is about to be beheaded; plate 6 (ages of man: middle age); on full sheet; after Maarten de Vos. 1581