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Villa Farnesina SALA GALATEA

There is no place in the whole world like Rome and there is no need to talk about its wonders, but the traditional  astrologer should not miss the wonderful Villa Farnesina,   on the shore of river Tiber. The name Farnese derive from the famous Cardinal Alessandro Farnese who bought the Villa in 1577, but it was built by Agostino Chigi, well  known in  Rome and in the rest of Europe as the richest man in the world, so to be called The Magnificent.


At his death, in 1520, Agostino was buried in a chapel built by Raphael where planets from their domiciles guarded him in his eternal sleep. But Agostino was not new to astrology. For one of the central halls of his villa Baldassare Peruzzi had painted for him a very peculiar astrological ceiling, where planets and constellations had been depicted as in the real sky.

The enigma of the ceiling was hidden throughout all these centuries, until 1912 when the famous art historian Aby Warburg suggested  that the ceiling could be the painted birth chart of Agostino Chigi.

Just few words from a great article you can read here: http://www.heavenastrolabe.net/villafarnesina/