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  1. Mark Drukker said:

    Hi, not sure if this is the right way to contact you, but I would like to draw your attention to the art of Jake Baddeley. At the moment he is working on a series of paintings on the 12 western zodiac signs and I have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to hopefully publsih an art book on this series.

    Please check out the campaign here: http://igg.me/at/JakeBaddeley

    If you like what you see, you would do us a great favor by sharing the campaign with your readers,

    Many thanks,

    Mark Drukker


  2. Carole Taylor said:

    Hi Daniel, I just came across your site – it’s wonderful! Is it possible/permissible to download any of these images – do you know anything about the copyright for them? I’d like to use the Saturn & Melancholia engraving (Zacharias Dolendo) in a printed publication, but can’t find any notes on copyright for this image). Thank you for your reply, Best wishes, Carole

  3. There’s another way to look at art and astrology, as parallel ‘languages’. When persons express themselves it is often an unconscious act of abstract self portraiture. When abstract self portraiture is their actuall intention, we can often see the parallels between their symbolic expression and the natal chart, so much do, that we can actually measure their unstated birth time. I call this phenomenon, Hotoscopic Expressionism, and a rare very explicit instance looks like this:

    Children can do things like this:

    If anyone is interested in discussing this, please feel free to email me…; )


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